Our Activities

JIPDEC was established as a nonprofit organization in 1967.

Since its establishment, JIPDEC has worked to advance computer technologies and ensure the security of information systems.

With the progress of the IT industry, JIPDEC continues to tackle various issues and leads in building platforms for safe and secure IT usage. These activities ensure information security and have led to the development of an infrastructure for personal information protection.

Promoting Personal Information Protection

Increased activities related to the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate many new businesses opportunities for the use of personal information. Benefits to society will include more value-added services such as customized medical and nursing support or recommended services targeted specifically to an individual's preferences and needs.

Service providers should be aware of more increased, and sophisticated cyberattacks in addition to human error and internal crimes. These providers are required to be trusted by consumers and associated businesses.

The Act of the Protection of Personal Information (Protection of Personal Information) was amended to set forth basic principles for the proper handling of personal information. These include updates for the use of anonymously processed information and guidelines for providing personal data to third parties in foreign countries.

The Amended Act ( of the Protection of Personal Information) asks businesses to keep more appropriate records of correspondence in dealings between their business associates related to cross border data transfers of personal information.

Ensuring the trust of information on the Internet

Ensuring trust of information on the Internet is crucial for advancing the flow of knowledge in a data driven society.

JIPDEC is engaged in various activities to realize an environment where cloud-based and other network services can be safely used.

■Ensuring trust in the Internet

  • JCAN Certificate for the exchange of electronic contracts and preventing e-mail spoofing
  • The “Spam-Free Mark” verifies authenticated e-mails
  • Framework for evaluating and providing information for trusted services

■Useful information services to enhance business activities

  • ROBINS* – The Cyber Business Register
  • Registration and management of the Standard Company Code

■Implementation of designated investigative organization services for electronic signatures and certification business

Developing a framework to drive future innovation

If trusted data usage and transfer mechanisms can be prepared, innovative services using IoT, AI and Big Data will be accelerated and will lead the way to "Industry 4.0" – the forth industrial revolution. To realize such an environment, it will be necessary to consider the conceptual foundations and develop systems and technical frameworks that can both securely protect and use personal data.

Promotion of security management systems

With an increase in the frequency and sophistication of information security incidents such as recent cyber-attacks and information leaks, businesses today face an urgent need to establish security management systems for information security.

JIPDEC provides updates on these systems including overseas trends, in order to promote International Standards-based security management systems including ISMS.