NEXT 50 – Steps to the Future

In 1967, there were only 52,460 computers installed worldwide, with 2,700 of those installed in Japan.

At that time, leaders from industry, government officials and scholars believed computers would play a very key role in the future information revolution. These visionaries foresaw that computers would be useful for making quick and accurate decisions for information management activities.

Computer related technologies have advanced rapidly and developed widely over the past 50 years. A multitude of information is collected daily and in massive amounts from an ever-expanding variety of devices and growing user base.
The stunning progress of information technology has influenced many domains ranging from business fields like corporate management to healthcare and even our lifestyles have been touched by the diffusion of information technology. Information analysis has become vital for envisioning and enabling seemingly unlimited possibilities to advance our society.

In the next 50 years, we will continue to study measures and social systems to ensure the safer use of information and increase public awareness for the need to protect personal data to support our changing society. Our slogan “NEXT 50 – Steps to the Future” conveys our determination to make our society more rich and fruitful going forward to the next fifty years.