Towards the next 50 years

Much of what we believed was science fiction 50 years ago when JIPDEC was formed, is now fact, rooted in the reality in our own lives today.

・More now than ever we are trusting an invisible partner, from our private conversations to important decision-making agreements and binding contracts, as we make use of the Internet in so many new ways.
・Artificial Intelligence finds the optimum solution from various censored data sets, from individual personal data to society's reflections and thoughts, with robots supporting our actions based on these answers.

IT has accelerated the change of everything around us. Prior to the widespread diffusion of the Internet, IT influenced changes in the efficiency and rationalization of traditional operations and procedures. Today however, IT has changed the industrial structure, our values and our social rules. As society advances to this new stage, a significantly different social system and trust framework are needed.

As we celebrated our 50th anniversary last year, JIPDEC took the first step toward the next 50 years. We will continue to evolve our business activities to be essential in the future, and we highly appreciate your continuing support and cooperation.