We are promoting a new society...

... to create a secure and trustworthy system, and to make that system work effectively in Society, enabling a place where people can discuss issues, share their views, and work together to solve their problems.

In this digital age, our activities and creativity depend on various kinds of data. If there were a system to allow individuals, businesses, and Society to benefit from that data, a virtuous circle of data distribution would be created enabling efficient data use and sharing. Building a safe and secure data Society, we should consider the impact our activities would have on various people.

Since its establishment, JIPDEC has been collaborating with various groups across industries for the creation of a safe, convenient, and prosperous Society through the advancement of computerization. While additional industry and international cross-border collaboration are needed, we will continue to use the knowledge gained from our long history to contribute to future socio-economic activities and thus to the creation of a safer digital Society.