Privacy Policy

JIPDEC is a non-profit organization established with the aim of enhancing the development of economy and community and does this through the participation of various business activities that contribute to the development of information technology in Japan. JIPDEC offers services for personal information protection and information security such as the Privacy Mark System®, ISMS/ITSMS conformity assessment scheme, electronic signature authentication, and research business.

JIPDEC officially confirms this policy as the standard of conduct by which executives, employees and sub-contractors shall observe and be required to follow completely. This policy will be strictly followed and referred to when handling personal information related to JIPDEC’s business activities and corporate mission.

1. JIPDEC will develop personal information protection management systems in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Q 15001 and will operate those systems appropriately, handling all personal information (the Social Security and Tax Number included) in accordance with the laws, regulations and normal business practices of Japan.

2. JIPDEC will clearly specify the reasons for acquiring, using, and providing any personal information within the scope necessary for the achievement of its business activities. JIPDEC will only use personal information acquired for the specified scope of use and will take appropriate measures not to use any personal information beyond the specified scope.

3. JIPDEC will select trustees who meet a sufficient level capable of protecting personal information, and will take appropriate measures through the use of a contract when entrusting the handling of all or part of any personal information acquired through the measures specified in the previous clauses.

4. JIPDEC will take reasonable and appropriate security control measures and will apply corrective actions against risks such as loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure, and improper access of any personal information.

5. JIPDEC will respond appropriately and promptly to any complaints from the original person regarding matters of disclosure, correction, deletion, and/or cessation of their personal information.

6. JIPDEC will continuously review and improve it's personal information protection management systems .

enacted : July. 19, 2005
revised : Dec. 1, 2006
revised : Oct. 1, 2007
revised : Nov. 1, 2007
revised : Apr. 1, 2011
revised : Jun. 1, 2015

President, Hideji Sugiyama