Our Activities

Research and recommendations for a data-driven Society

Research on advanced uses of data

The human-centered Society 5.0 is focused on resolving various social issues while expanding the economy through a high-level integration of cyber and physical space. To achieve this goal, many stakeholders from industries, academia, and government are considering legal and administrative frameworks. The "Digital First" bill, in principal, restricts the use of paper and constrains administrative procedures to electronic applications. In addition, a new platform called the "Information Bank" enables individuals to receive various credits as compensation for allowing their personal data, including behavioral and purchasing history, to be stored "in the bank" and analyzed by participating companies.
JIPDEC collects and analyzes information on national and international polices and technologies in order to create the foundations of a data-driven Society. JIPDEC is also teaming up with key players in industry, academia, and the government to build a consensus on social infrastructure for advanced uses of information with safe measures and proposes recommendations on political policies.

Enhancing collaboration between industry, government, and academia

To better understand the needs of industry, in solving problems, and creating new business opportunities, JIPDEC has assumed the role of secretariat for three consortia. We encourage the government to enact policies respecting the opinions of the consortia, and we support the government to implement policies and promote frameworks for the secure use of information.

  • The "g-Contents Exchange Promotion Association" is working on the development of a distribution framework for digital content containing geospatial information, referred to as "g-contents."
  • The "Consortium for the Promotion of Next-Generation Personal Services" is focused on formulating rules for processing personal information based on domestic and international standards.
  • The "Consortium for the ID Federation Trust Framework" is conducting research for how best to build trust between industry and consumers.