Our Activities

Operation of the PrivacyMark ® System

JIPDEC has been operating the "PrivacyMark System"* since April 1st, 1998. We assess an entity's framework and operation for processing of personal information in a secure and appropriate manner, under specific assessment criteria. Entities which meet the standardized requirements for the secure processing of personal information are permitted to use the PrivacyMark registered logo.

Assessment criteria for the PrivacyMark System are based on the Personal information protection management system ‒ Requirements (JIS Q 15001) and comply with Japanʼs Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related legal regulations. The PrivacyMark logo is viewed by users as a symbol of trust, signifying that an entity manages their customersʼ personal information with a high degree of competency, voluntarily following prescribed standards in compliance with legal regulations.

To protect personal information, unmanaged technical measures not based on management system procedures are insufficient to prevent any risks. The importance of the Personal Information Protection Management System (PMS) is increasing. PMS protects business operators by minimizing the risk of exposure to personal information breaches, undertakes appropriate measures in case of accidents, and helps to prevent their reoccurrence.

JIPDEC encourages businesses to develop PMS, and advises registered PrivacyMark entities on the appropriate measures required to protect personal information. JIPDEC also actively promotes the PrivacyMark System by holding seminars and informing consumers about personal information protection.

*PrivacyMark and PrivacyMark System are registered trademarks.