Executive Perspective

On December 20th 2017 JIPDEC will mark the 50th anniversary of our establishment.

We highly appreciate the cooperation we have received over the years from all parties concerned.

In 1967, JIPDEC was established to unite concerned developing information technology and to advance Japan's growing information processing industry. From that time, we have been working closely with government, industry, concerned parties and academia to continue developing and promoting infrastructure for the information society while quickly responding to the changing business and society environment.

Our goal is to promote the safe and efficient use of digital information. To achieve this, we carry out research on both the technological and legal aspects required to promote cross-industry use of a wide range of digital information including geospatial and personal information.

As one example, our development and promotion of the JCAN certificate, a new security certificate, is beneficial in helping to cut costs and enhance safety in the exchange of electronic contracts. At the core of the JCAN solution is the ROBINS cyber registry, a corporate certificate authority registry, which we have developed and operate and is widely recognized by both government agencies and industry.

We operate the PrivacyMark System and act as an accredited personal information protection organization.
In addition to these activities, JIDPEC performs accreditation services for information management systems schemes. We work to promote the awareness of personal information protection and information security in these activities.

Today we have witnessed remarkable progress in information technology like the Internet of Things, Big Data and advances in Artificial Intelligence. In the near future, these technologies will lead to massive economic and social changes such as “Industry 4.0.” However, the recent growth of cyberattacks and falsifications has put the issues of Internet safety and the trust of digital information at the top of a very crucial agenda.

Over the past 50 years, we have made the most of our knowledge, technological expertise, and grew our relationships with industry, academia and government to deal with the challenges of today.

As a nonprofit and neutral organization, JIPDEC will continue to focus all our efforts towards the promotion of what is best not only for today's information society but for the future. We highly appreciate your continuing support.

Tsutomu Makino
President, JIPDEC