Executive Perspective

Since the establishment of JIPDEC in 1967 as the “Japan Information Processing Development Center,” we have actively researched and developed information processing technologies and conducted strategic work on the development of related industries.

In recent years, following changes in the business environment surrounding IT-related industries, we have been shifting our focus to:
●Proposing and developing new mechanisms for the use of IT and digital information
●Developing and operating framework infrastructures to ensure safety and security

New businesses and increasingly convenient services have been created by using various types of digital information.
In order to move forward with these businesses and services, both companies and individuals require a safe environment in which they can feel assured that their corporate and personal information, as well as their privacy are being rigorously protected.

JIPDEC will continue our endeavors and cooperation with industry, academia, and the government, further strengthening these connections using the knowledge that we have accumulated in our research activities.