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ROBINS* – The Cyber Business Register

ROBINS – Reference of Business Identity for Networked Society, is a database registry that provides reliable and verified corporate information such as the office address, and telephone number, and also includes the official website and e-mail domains. The ROBINS registry contains various corporate information such as, "The Corporate Number" assigned by the National Tax Agency of Japan, and "Labor Management Assessment information" promoted by the Japan Federation of Labor and Social Security Attorney’s Associations all of which are verified by reliable third parties. The ROBINS registry also includes business activities such as public procurements, awards, and various corporate permits as stipulated under the law, and are sourced from the government’s central database covering corporate information held by Japanese government ministries.

* ROBINS: Reference Of Business Identity for Networked Society

Registration and management of the Standard Company Code

The Standard Company Code is a unique corporate identifier, compliant with nternational
standards, and widely used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). JIPDEC is a registered agent for the issuance of the Standard Company Code.