Developing a framework
to drive future innovation

International Blockchain Conference TOKYO

Date 2017.11.13 (Mon.) 13:00-18:30
(5th Floor, South Tower, Otemachi Financial City, 9-7 Otemachi 1chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan)


12:30 Registration

13:00-13:05 Welcome and Opening

Part I – Keynote Presentations

13:05-13:25 Blockchain - the case for international standards and the pathway forward

Mr. Craig Dunn
Chairman, ISO/TC307 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

13:25-13:45 Toward a new era with Blockchain technologies

Mr. Yasuhiro Maeda
Deputy Director-General, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Part II – Blockchain inter-relationships

Topic 1: Blockchain – Societal Infrastructure

13:45-14:00 Initial thoughts of JFSA approach - Blockchain and DLT

Mr. Junpei Miwa
Director for Fintech, Credit System Office,
Planning and Coordination Bureau,
Financial Services Agency

14:00-14:15 Blockchain for Trust in Digital Life

Mr. Daichi Iwata
Head of FinTech Business Development Office, NEC Corporation

14:15-14:30 Trusted Services of SECOM before and after age of blockchain

Mr. Masashi Sato
Senior Research Engineer, Intelligent Systems Laboratory, SECOM

14:30-14:40 Q&A

Topic 2: Blockchain – International Trends

14:40-14:55 Policies for creating a new business climate: Blockchain and Industry 4.0

Mr. Varant Meguerditchian
General Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, Standards Australia

14:55-15:10 IBM and DLT – compelling business beyond currency

Ms. Heather Kreger
CTO Architecture Standards, IBM

15:10-15:25 Using Smart Contracts Example: Enterprise Smart Contracts

Ms. Laura Lindsay
National Standards Officer, Corporate Standards Group, Microsoft

15:25-15:40 The financial use cases based on Masterchain

Mr. Chubukov Aleksandr
Legal counsel QIWI Blockchain Technologies LLC (Russia)
Expert Fintech Association (Russia)

15:40-16:10 NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK ‐ sponsored by NEC -

Topic 3: Blockchain – Business Implementations

16:10-16:25 CORDA Introduction to Case Studies

Mr. Yuki Yamashita
Chief Engineer, Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.

16:25-16:40 Blockchain landscape in Japan and NRI’s approach

Mr. Raita Yamaguchi
Consultant, ICT & Media Industry Consulting Department,
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

16:40-16:55 Business innovation utilizing blockchain

Mr. Toshiomi Moriki
Senior Researcher, Customer Co-creation Project
Global Center for Social Innovation – Tokyo
Hitachi, Ltd., Research & Development Group

16:55-17:10 Next-Generation Blockchain miyabi

Mr. Yuzo Kano
CEO, bitFlyer, Inc.

17:10-17:25 Blockchain initiatives at NTTDATA

Mr. Tomohiro Maruyama
Manager, Platform Engineering Dept., System Engineering HQ, NTTDATA

17:25-17:40 Hyperledger Iroha: Working towards standard protocols for identity and digital asset management

Mr. Kazumasa Miyazawa
COO, Soramitsu, Co. Ltd.

17:40-17:55 Case Study of Blockchain Technology by Fujitsu

Mr. Shinya Echigo Director, Digitalware Development Division, Middleware Business Unit, Fujitsu

17:55-18:10 Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service

Mr. Mitsuhiro Takahata
Director, Cloud platform solution unit, Oracle Corporation Japan

18:10-18:30 Q&A

18:30 Closing

Note: Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for all lectures in both Japanese and English.