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JCAN Trusted Service Registration

Since 2017, JIPDEC has been operating the "JCAN Trusted Service Registration," which examines the reliability of certificate issuing authorities, Local Registration Authorities, and electronic contracts. As many private Certification Authorities have not received external review, this service assesses the credibility from the perspective of a third party and publishes the results in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Certification Authority:Authority that registers and issues electronic certificates.
  • Verification of related certificate businesses: Identity verification service of businesses handling the issuing and administration of electronic certificates.
  • Electronic contracts: Services for secured electronic contracts, based on cloud technology, to manage identities, signature keys, and remote electronic signature functions.

The "JCAN Certificate"

Since 2012, JIPDEC has actively promoted the use of the "JCAN Certificate" which ensures safer electronic contracts and prevents e-mail spoofing.
Currently, the "JCAN Certificate" has been accepted by a wide range of business sectors as an inexpensive and easy-to-use electronic certificate.

Advantages of electronic contracts

  • Procedures can be completed online through the use of electronic signatures
  • Administration and printing costs can be reduced with a solely digital workflow
  • The requirement for revenue stamps is eliminated
  • Businesses can more easily and securely track the history of each contract, leading to a strengthening of compliance

Preventing e-mail spoofing

  • The JCAN Certificate can help prevent e-mail spoofing by attaching a verified e-Signature identifying the e-mail sender

Verification of authenticated e-mails

JIPDEC also promotes the "Spam-Free Mark" which acts as a measure to prevent cyberattacks. The "Spam-Free Mark" framework indicates that the sender of an e-mail is authenticated by Domainkeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and ROBINS – The Cyber Business Register

Promoting awareness and reliability of information on the Internet

JIPDEC conducts surveys and research on web and email related technologies and helps support businesses to reinforce the reliability of their information.

Selected Surveys

  • Survey on the adoption of Always-on SSL with SSL/TLS certificates
  • Survey on the percentage of companies undertaking measures against e-mail spoofing

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