Our Activities

Promotion of information security management

Promoting the development of information management systems

With the aim of securing the trust and reliability of information management systems in various industries, JIPDEC provides information to help organizations develop these systems based on International Standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and ISO/IEC 20000 for IT Service Management Systems (ITSMS). Additionally, JIPDEC supports the promotion of those schemes relevant to respective industries, including both the ISMS conformity assessment scheme and the ITSMS conformity assessment scheme. JIPDEC also works on promoting ISMS that additionally encompasses cloud-specific information security measures by applying criteria consistent with ISO/IEC 27017 that is targeted for cloud service providers and customers in order to ensure the reliability of those services.

With the recent proliferation of general-purpose technologies and networks, it is becoming imperative to protect industrial automation and control systems that support social and industrial infrastructures from cyber-attacks. JIPDEC is also engaged in the dissemination of Control systems Security Management Systems (CSMS) including ISMS with the purpose of preventing cyber-attacks to the control systems.

Participation in international standardization activities

JIPDEC participates in international standardization activities for ISMS, actively cooperating in the development and revision of the entire family of ISMS International Standards. Through these activities, JIPDEC also provides updates on international standardization trends.